Oil Junkies

I’ve been looking through the BP Statistical Review of World Energy (http://bit.ly/3uAtFg).  Its quite a comprehensive view of the world energy situation, not just oil, but all types, including nuclear, hydro, wind, etc.  I recommend that you take a look.

What looking at it did to me though, both troubles me and gives me hope.  On the one hand, it becomes very obvious that we as a species are addicted to oil.  No revelation here, people have been screaming about this for quite some time.  But, its interesting to see who the big culprits are.

I decided to look at the G8 countries, because they seem, to me anyway, to be in the best position to reduce their dependence on oil.  I’ve plotted the Consumption/Production on the X axis, because this is a measure of how self sufficient they might be.  Its hard to tell from the chart, but only Russia and Canada are self sufficient (in that they produce more oil than they consume).  Canada’s production to consumption ratio is at .68, and Russia’s is at .27  The UK is close at 1.11  I’ve listed Japan, Germany and France in the 2000% area because they don’t produce any oil.  Without further ado…

On the Y axis, is the percent decline in oil consumption since that country hit its maximum.  What is interesting to note is that the countries that produce the least oil seem to have cut their decline more than others.  However, what isn’t shown is that most of the gains were made just after their max and then have been held steady since, though the decrease in consumption seems to be accelerating (caveat, the world recession helped).  Russia, though a net producer has had a precipitous decline in consumption, though their economy collapsed.  Only the UK seems to be noteworthy as a large producer of oil and a country that is cuttings its consumption.

This gives me some hope, because we have seen large decreases in the oil consumption, but at the same time it is obvious that all these economies can’t survive without it.  I’m troubled by the fact that 6 of the 8 G8 countries are relying on oil outside their borders, which is an indication that we are NOT on a path to sustainability…

More to come…

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