Alberta and its resources

I read an interesting article in the globe and mail yesterday. (  Albertans currently don’t pay taxes for the services they use.  Instead, they rely on natural resources to pay for those things.  About 30% of Alberta’s budget comes from revenues from natural resources.

Some of the recommendations of the report…

1) Stop directing money received from the sale of non-renewable energy assets into the general revenue fund

2) Finance current expenditures using current revenue. determine the level of public services desired by albertans and align revenue to pay for them

I’m blown away by these recommendations.  Good for Stelmach for letting this report get issued.  Do I think it will make a lick of difference?  Not likely!  I am in total agreement with these ideas.  I think Albertans need to stop selling their assets to pay for their services.  Its time to pull a Norway.

You can find the report here…

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