What is it about commencement speeches?

What is it about commencement speeches?  I’ve read some great ones recently.  Is it because they are being given to a receptive audience, eager and hunger for wisdom?  Is it because they are being given to an audience that is looking to do things differently, that still, on average, are naive enough to believe that they can change the world?  I don’t know what it is, but I really like them.  They seem to have an honesty about them, something that strikes at the core of our beings, especially when given by people who aren’t looking to climb the ladder, or who have done things differently.

I just a read a great one in the NY times today…  Liking is for Cowards

I mentioned one from William Deresiewicz…  Leadership and Solitude

I’ve always like this one by C.S. Lewis…   The Inner Ring

And there is the one by Steve Jobs that everybody likes…   You’ve got to find what you love

Perhaps its because these are selected scripts by extraordinary people, who are good speakers, and who are allowed to speak about something without being judged if it will sell their product, raise their share price, or make it in the news report the next day…

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