5 ¢ garbage bag fee in toronto

I’ve been reading in the news about rob ford’s desire to kill the 5¢ tax on plastic bags. Now, plastic bag usage in Toronto is down by about 70% since the tax was implemented. I think that this is great. Now, some people hate this tax on ideological grounds and some hate it based on economic grounds. I think some points have been brought up that are worth noting.

1. No study of plastic bag reduction is complete without taking into account the uptick in purchased garbage or kitchen bags.

2. Purchasing a reusable bag may be more environmentally harmful unless the bag is used many many times. I.e. It doesn’t help if you have to keep buying reusable bags.

I can’t think of any more right now, but I hope they keep the tax. My gut feel is that it really has done some good. At least people are more aware of their environmental impact because of it.

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