Conversations to have with your friends…

Trying to write when you’ve been drinking is a little bit absurd.  And potentially dangerous, since the ‘interweb’ seems to be forever, and your words can be judged for all eternity.  But then again… since I only get about 30 page views a day… I think I’m relatively safe…

I used to have discussions with a good friend of mine that bordered on the absurd, and I had to stop because it almost ruined our friendship.  Well… actually it did.  He man-friend broke up with me.  I had to call back and apologize a few times…

Here is a good argument to have with someone…

You: I am the most logical person in the world.

Other: No, you’re not.

You: Yes, I am.  If there were a contest to determine who is the most logical person in the world, then I would win it, hands down.

Other: That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

You: No, really. The only problem would be that it would be impossible to find any judges for it, since as the most logical person in the world, no one else would be better suited to judge the superiority of my logic except me.

Other: Again, that’s dumb.

You:  Well, obviously you don’t agree because you are not as logical as I am.

Other: What!? That is not true.

You:  😀  (repeat as necessary)…

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