Days 15 and 16

After writing down my transportation totals during the week, I am stunned to see how many miles I can travel in a month.  Most of it has to do with single long trips, but the main reason is that flying in a plane eats up a lot of distance and in a short time.  (not surprising, obviously). 

Having to travel for work this week, to 3 different cities, caused a lot of distance to be eaten up. 

  • Walk – 3 km
  • Bicycle – 27.5 km
  • Car – 35 km
  • Plane – 1350 km
  • Motorcycle – 36 km

Totals for the month so far

  • Public transit – 298.5 km (4.7%)
  • Walk – 28.5 km (0.4%)
  • Bicycle – 89 km (1.4%)
  • Car – 653 km (10.2%)
  • Plane – 5,230 km (82.0%)
  • Moto – 78.5 km (1.2%)


Transportation – Days 4 to 9

I have been quietly compiling my transportation distances over the last few days.  Sadly, automation seems to be occupying bigger and bigger portions of my transit choices.  I have to really make an effort to get better.

Car 436.7 km

Plane 1410 km

Bicycle 18.5 km

Walk 5 km

Public Transportation 292 km



Transportation – Day 3 – Das Auto wins

1 caveat I should bring up.  I am not including activities such as walking to the car, or walking from a parking lot, which there is usually no other choice.  What I am including is distances where a specific decision was the main mode of transit. 

On day 3, the automobile wins again, but this was mainly due to the fact that I needed to haul around plumbing fixtures. 

What I am starting to find interesting is how much distance I typically travel in a day.

Day 3 results:

Bicycle: 3.9 km

Car: 44.7 km