August – Transporation totals

I spent the month of August logging the kilometres that I traveled.  It was amazing to me to see how quickly using a car, or public transportation, or a plane can quickly dwarf any other distances attempted by using your own power to transport yourself.  I guess at the end of the day, it comes down to what decisions you make when it pertains to travel.
  Here are the totals for the month.  A few plane trips overshadow everything.

Total km traveled – 7951 km

  • Plane 65.8%
  • Car 25.2%
  • Public Transit 3.8%
  • Bicycle 2.5%
  • Motorcycle 2.0%
  • Feet 0.7%

Its amazing to me that I used my bicycle more than my motorcycle.  I usually used the car when I had to take someone else around or I had to pick up something not feasible with a bike or motorbike.  Now, the challenge is to use my bicycle more and more and more, and everything else less and less. 

Days 15 and 16

After writing down my transportation totals during the week, I am stunned to see how many miles I can travel in a month.  Most of it has to do with single long trips, but the main reason is that flying in a plane eats up a lot of distance and in a short time.  (not surprising, obviously). 

Having to travel for work this week, to 3 different cities, caused a lot of distance to be eaten up. 

  • Walk – 3 km
  • Bicycle – 27.5 km
  • Car – 35 km
  • Plane – 1350 km
  • Motorcycle – 36 km

Totals for the month so far

  • Public transit – 298.5 km (4.7%)
  • Walk – 28.5 km (0.4%)
  • Bicycle – 89 km (1.4%)
  • Car – 653 km (10.2%)
  • Plane – 5,230 km (82.0%)
  • Moto – 78.5 km (1.2%)


Human Powered Transport – Day 2 – FAIL Aug 2/13

It appears to me that I am going to fail in this challenge.  But then again, I also realize that I was totally naive.  Naive because, obviously, per same amount of time (which is fixed in a day), one can easily travel much much much farther in a machine powered vehicle than via human powered.  I have to take a plane later this month for work, so there is no way that I am going to beat machine powered transport. 

I drove again to work because I needed to get to the edge of the city later on to visit a farmer’s market (now here I’m not sure if my priorities are mixed up). 

So, resetting of goals.  Since I won’t be able to beat machine powered transport, the new goal will have to be one of maximizing human powered transportation.  So, here are the Aug 2nd’s results…

Walking 8.4 km

Driving 64.4 km